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A bar company has moved out of muddy festival sites and into Newport town centre, theloftclub.co.uk reports.

The Really Good Bar Company has built up an avid fan base, especially among those taking Isle of Wight holidays as it has featured at the Island’s very own Bestival.

Now, the bar has found a permanent home in Newport’s Bowling Green Lane, with a view to open next month.

Its new home, which was formerly The Studio before it more recently became Hush, will now be Christened ‘The Loft’ and will provide a platform for promoters, bands and DJs from the Island to showcase their talents in a venue right on their doorsteps. It is set to open on December 14th and will create ten new jobs in the area.

The company said it chose Newport as a venue because it offered the right kind of atmosphere to host a music-focused, grown up venue which could bring in a massively diverse audience.

“We have been in the festival bar business since 2002 and we have worked with a host of events, including The Big Chill, Green Man and Lounge on the Farm,” director Jess Neame told iwcp.co.uk.

“On the Island we have built and run bars at private parties, weddings and cocktail parties. We’ve been looking for a permanent venture for a while to exist alongside the summer events business. We think our experience, with the friends we have made and lessons we have learned in the music festival industries, make a good combination to create an exciting new venue with music at its heart.”