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Osborne House

Island’s Historic Osborne House Could Be Re-opened

The Isle of Wight’s Osborne House could now be brought back into use due to a rule change, according to onthewight.com.

The historic building was put out of action in 2000 due to legislation which stated that the building could only be used by service personnel, and senior civil servants and their families. However, an Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, which was passed on Thursday, now means that the building can be more widely utilised and can become economically viable.

Talking about the change in ruling, local MP Andrew Turner told iwcp.co.uk: “Seeing those historic buildings standing empty and not able to be used at all was very sad. I am grateful to English Heritage for talking so much care over the consultation process.”

He also claimed that English Heritage has assured local MPs that residents in the area will be involved when future plans for the building are discussed.

Islanders have been encouraged to send any ideas for the building to MPs such as Mr Turner. This could include anything from holding events there, or making it a tourist attraction to attract tourists on Isle of Wight breaks.

The bill was first introduced last year, however it has only just been allowed to be passed. Also, talking about the re-opening, Rob Flower, general manager of the building, said: “We will now look at the best way of bringing this important part of the island’s heritage back into use and back to life.”